Trevor Noah Delivers The Perfect Joke About Trump Throwing Food


Trevor Noah identified that almost all offended individuals flip over a desk when having a meals tantrum, however Trump turned over a tablecloth.


Right here had been a few of Noah’s jokes about Trump and meals:

After Hutchinson stated that Trump had quite a few meals tantrums, Noah stated, “Yeah. I know. I, too was shocked to hear that Trump threw any of his food away because let’s be honest. This guy has taken more selfies with food than he has with some of his kids.”

Noah adopted that up along with his finest joke, “You heard what she said. She said Trump was constantly throwing food tantrums, but what’s interesting is that she didn’t say flipping the table. She said flipping the table cloth, so either Trump was an amateur magician, or he wasn’t strong enough to flip a table, so he just did the tablecloth.”

The shortcoming to flip a desk is so Donald Trump.

Trump is a person that’s so filled with fury and rage but in addition extremely weak and incompetent.

The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson was terrifying, however additionally it is good to have the ability to snicker at Trump as a result of he failed and Joe Biden is within the White Home.

Hutchinson’s testimony ripped the mask off of Trump and drove the purpose house that he ought to by no means be allowed close to energy once more.



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