Why Does a Woman’s Brain Change After Menopause?


“White matter hyperintensities increase as the brain ages, and while having them does not mean that a person will develop dementia or have a stroke, larger amounts may increase a person’s risk,” mentioned examine writer Monique M. B. Breteler, MD, PhD, of the German Middle of Neurodegenerative Illnesses (DZNE), in Bonn, Germany, and a member of the American Academy of Neurology.

“Our study examined what role menopause may have on amounts of these brain biomarkers. Our results imply that white matter hyperintensities evolve differently for men and women, where menopause or factors that determine when menopause starts, such as variations in the aging process, are defining factors.”


The examine concerned 3,410 folks with a median age of 54. Of these, 58% have been girls, and of the ladies, 59% have been postmenopausal. Additionally, 35% of all individuals had hypertension and of these, half had uncontrolled hypertension.

All individuals had MRI mind scans. Researchers seemed on the scans and calculated the quantity of white matter hyperintensities for every participant. Common whole quantity for these mind biomarkers was 0.5 milliliters (ml). Common whole mind quantity was 1,180 ml for males and 1,053 ml for ladies. Common whole white matter quantity, the world of the mind the place white matter hyperintensities might be discovered, was 490 ml for males and 430 ml for ladies.

After adjusting for age and vascular danger components comparable to hypertension and diabetes, researchers discovered that postmenopausal girls had extra of those mind biomarkers when in comparison with males of comparable age.

In folks 45 and older, postmenopausal girls had a median whole white matter hyperintensities quantity of 0.94 ml in comparison with 0.72 ml for males. Researchers additionally discovered that the rise in mind biomarkers accelerated with age and at a sooner charge in girls than in males.

Premenopausal men and women of an analogous age didn’t have a distinction within the common quantity of white matter hyperintensities.

Researchers additionally discovered that postmenopausal girls had extra white matter hyperintensities than premenopausal girls of comparable age. In a bunch of individuals ages 45 to 59, postmenopausal girls had a median whole quantity of white matter hyperintensities of 0.51 ml in comparison with 0.33 ml for premenopausal girls.

There was no distinction between postmenopausal and premenopausal girls utilizing hormone remedy. Breteler mentioned this discovering means that hormone remedy after menopause might not have a protecting impact on the mind.

Unrelated to menopausal standing, girls with uncontrolled hypertension had greater quantities of this mind biomarker in comparison with males.

“It has been known that high blood pressure, which affects the small blood vessels in the brain, can lead to an increase in white matter hyperintensities,” mentioned Breteler.

“The results of our study not only show more research is needed to investigate how menopause may be related to the vascular health of the brain. They also demonstrate the necessity to account for different health trajectories for men and women, and menopausal status. Our research underscores the importance of sex-specific medicine and more attentive therapy for older women, especially those with vascular risk factors.”

A limitation of the examine was that researchers didn’t know the precise age of menopause onset or whether or not some individuals have been perimenopausal.

The examine was funded by the German Middle for Neurodegenerative Illnesses (DZNE).

Supply: Eurekalert


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