Trump Did Try To Grab The Wheel On 1/6


Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump demanding to be taken to the Capitol and lunging for the steering wheel on 1/6 has been confirmed by a number of Secret Service sources.

Video of the CNN report:

Reporter Ryan Nobles mentioned on CNN:

This comes from two totally different sources inside the Secret Service who spoke to our Noah Grey who mentioned that this story of the previous president being irate and demanding to be taken to the Capitol on the day of January sixth was one thing that was unfold across the Secret Service within the weeks, months and days after what occurred on January sixth. 

Some recounting this story as early as February and the 2 totally different sources have tales which might be similar to the one which Cassidy Hutchinson testified to within the listening to on Tuesday saying that the president was mad and that he lunged towards the steering wheel in an effort to attempt to get the element to take him to Capitol Hill, and what’s additionally necessary is that that second supply that we spoke to mentioned that they’d heard the story instantly from the motive force of the presidential suburban that Trump was in on that day. Now, each of those sources by no means mentioned the tales they heard indicated that there was any sort of bodily altercation or that the president himself ever was in a position to seize maintain of the steering wheel. 

It’s necessary to level out that Hutchinson by no means makes that direct declare both, simply saying that he was lunging in that course. What it does greater than something is it corroborates an important a part of the story, the president was indignant and demanding he can be taken to the Capitol.

The company media won’t ever study.  Donald Trump and his associates are liars. They need to not report a denial from Trump and his circle except it may be independently verified.

Cassidy Hutchinson and the 1/6 Committee had been telling the reality. Trump lunged for the steering wheel and tried to pressure the Secret Service to take him to the Capitol.

Hutchinson’s testimony set a viewership record, and it has now been confirmed that she was telling the reality.


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