Why Do Astronauts Lose Bone Density?


They adopted 17 astronauts earlier than and after spaceflight from 2015 to grasp whether or not bone recovers after ‘long-duration’ spaceflight.

The researchers scanned the wrists and ankles of the astronauts earlier than they left for house, on their return to Earth, after which at six and 12 months post-return.


“We found that weight-bearing bones only partially recovered in most astronauts one year after spaceflight. This suggests the permanent bone loss due to spaceflight is about the same as a decade worth of age-related bone loss on Earth,” mentioned lead writer Dr Leigh Gabel, Assistant Professor in kinesiology on the varsity.

Stopping Bone Loss in Area Flight

“We’ve seen astronauts who had trouble walking due to weakness and lack of balance after returning from spaceflight, to others who cheerfully rode their bike on Johnson Space Center campus to meet us for a study visit. There is quite a variety of responses among astronauts when they return to Earth,” added Dr. Steven Boyd, director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Well being on the varsity.

In response to former College of Calgary Chancellor and astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk, “just as the body must adapt to spaceflight at the start of a mission, it must also readapt back to Earth’s gravity field at the end”.

“Fatigue, light-headedness, and imbalance were immediate challenges for me on my return. Bones and muscles take the longest to recover following spaceflight. But within a day of landing, I felt comfortable again as an Earthling.”

As future house missions are exploring journey to extra distant areas, the research’s subsequent iteration will discover the consequences of even longer journeys, to assist astronauts who might in the future journey past the Worldwide Area Station.

Supply: IANS


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