Can Hypothyroidism Increase Dementia Risk?


happens when the thyroid gland does not make sufficient thyroid hormones. This will sluggish metabolism. Signs embody feeling drained, weight acquire, and sensitivity to chilly.

“In some cases, thyroid disorders have been associated with dementia symptoms that can be reversible with treatment,” stated examine creator Chien-Hsiang Weng, MD, MPH, of Brown College in Windfall, Rhode Island. “While more studies are needed to confirm these findings, people should be aware of thyroid problems as a possible risk factor for dementia and therapies that could prevent or slow irreversible cognitive decline.”


For the examine, researchers regarded on the well being data of seven,843 folks newly identified with dementia in Taiwan and in contrast them to the identical quantity of people that didn’t have dementia. Their common age was 75. Researchers regarded to see who had a historical past of both hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism, additionally known as overactive thyroid, is when the thyroid produces an excessive amount of hormone. This will enhance metabolism. Signs embody unintended weight reduction, speedy or irregular heartbeat, and nervousness or anxiousness.

Hyperlink Between Thyroid Issues and Dementia

A complete of 102 folks had hypothyroidism, and 133 had hyperthyroidism.

The researchers discovered no hyperlink between hyperthyroidism and dementia.

Of the folks with dementia, 68 folks, or 0.9%, had hypothyroidism, in comparison with 34 folks with out dementia, or 0.4%.

When researchers adjusted for different elements that might have an effect on the danger of dementia, corresponding to intercourse, age, hypertension, and diabetes, they discovered that folks over age 65 with hypothyroidism had been 80% extra prone to develop dementia than folks the identical age who didn’t have thyroid issues.

For folks youthful than 65, having a historical past of hypothyroidism was not related to an elevated threat of dementia.

When researchers regarded solely at individuals who took medicine for hypothyroidism, they discovered they had been 3 times extra prone to develop dementia than those that didn’t take medicine.

“One explanation for this could be that these people are more likely to experience greater symptoms from hypothyroidism where treatment was needed,” Weng stated.

Weng famous that the observational examine doesn’t show that hypothyroidism is a reason for dementia; it solely exhibits an affiliation.

A limitation of the examine was that researchers couldn’t embody details about how extreme hypothyroidism was for members.

Supply: Eurekalert


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