Ayurvedic Drug Protects Kidney Damage


, Assistant Professor Komala A, Siddesh Aradhyamath and researcher Mallinath IT from JSS Ayurveda Medical School and Hospital in Karnataka gave a spread of Ayurvedic formulations together with AIMIL Pharmaceutical’s innovation Neeri KFT for impaired kidneys.

“A dose of 20 ml of this ayurvedic formulation daily –morning and evening — was given for a month,” the researchers mentioned, including the end result was optimistic.


The natural drug not solely helped defending the kidneys of the sufferers from additional injury because of the situation but additionally helped excreting the collected fluid from their stomach.

The consumption of natural formulation had flushed out fluid from the stomach via the urinary tract, mentioned the researchers.

The , a natural medication extracted from crops, consists of herbs equivalent to Punarnava, Varun, Sigru, Sariva, Makoi and Sirish, additionally identified for his or her diuretic properties.

Sanchit Sharma from AIMIL Prescription drugs advised IANS that previously few years Neeri KFT has confirmed to be efficient in strengthening the kidney in addition to clearing poisonous fluids from the physique.

What’s Ascites?

Ascites is the most typical complication of cirrhosis (scarring of the liver). It impacts round 60 p.c of individuals with cirrhosis inside 10 years of their analysis, and the two-year survival fee is 50 p.c.

Sufferers struggling with ascites might have the signs like painless swelling within the stomach that worsens fairly than going away; belly discomfort; weight achieve; feeling full after consuming a bit, shortness of breath as strain will increase within the stomach, pushing up on the diaphragm and discount within the house for the lungs to increase.

Ascites often happens when the liver stops working correctly or it malfunctions, resulting in a build-up of fluid within the house between the belly lining and the organs.

Supply: IANS


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