How to Increase Antioxidants in Breast Milk?


The outcomes of the article, performed on rats as examine fashions, have been printed within the journal

The conclusions assist the truth that diets enriched with EVOO can modify and even enhance the content material of those bioactive compounds in breast milk with potential advantages for the toddler’s well being.


The examine is led by the consultants Maria J. Rodrguez-Lagunas and Anna Vallverd-Queralt and it’s a part of a program of Inside Analysis Promotion (FRI) amongst younger researchers of INSA-UB.

This aggressive name, geared toward boosting the collaboration between totally different analysis teams of this institute, goals to advertise the event of unique and revolutionary analysis initiatives and it desires to advertise younger researchers to develop into undertaking principal researchers.

Transmission of phenolic compounds

Breast milk is the most effective vitamin supply for infants because it incorporates important vitamins and bioactive elements (hormones, antibodies, microorganisms, stem cells, and so on.). Furthermore, it supplies many short- and long-term advantages to the mom and the toddler, and concerning the latter, it reduces the incidence of infections and the chance of affected by metabolic illnesses sooner or later.

EVOO represents the principle supply of fats within the Mediterranean weight loss plan, however to this point, the truth that the phenolic compounds of this product is usually a compound in breast milk and be obtainable in infants was nonetheless unknown.

As a part of this preclinical examine, the crew found this truth after the evaluation to evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the degrees of phenolic compounds and their derivates in organic samples within the pregnant animal and the offspring after six weeks of a each day consumption of EVOO.

The outcomes of the analysis confirmed that the phenolic compounds coming from the weight loss plan particularly these from EVOO attain the systemic circulation of moms. Moreover, they detected many phenolic compounds and derivates in breast milk. Surprisingly, it’s noteworthy that a number of the phenolic compounds and their metabolites have been detected in increased concentrations within the offspring plasma than within the moms’ plasma.

“To date, several studies had described that the composition of breast milk can be affected by biological and environmental factors to which the mother is exposed, such as the mother’s diet. Therefore, the nutritional interventions during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period can have an impact on the quality of breast milk, and consequently, on the infant’s health. Therefore, our findings shed light on the importance of the mother’s diet during pregnancy and lactation, and they provide the base for future studies on the impact of phenolic compounds on the mother’s and the infant’s health”, conclude the authors of the examine.

Supply: Eurekalert


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