Cheryl Burke Says She’s Been Thinking About Alcohol ‘A Lot More Than Normal’


Cheryl Burke is getting candid about her lengthy wrestle with overcoming alcoholism.

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Within the newest episode of her podcast Burke within the Sport, the Dancing With The Stars alum obtained actual about how she’s been feeling. She began off by bravely saying she “wasn’t okay” and he or she has a “long process” forward of her:

“Last week I said I wasn’t okay. This week, I’m still pissed but I know that this whole issue that we’re going through right now is going to be a long process.”

The actress, who introduced she was two years sober in September 2020, continues to be struggling down the “winding road” of her habit. She revealed she’s “taking it hour by hour”. She additionally admitted she’s been interested by ingesting “a lot more than normal”:

“And I just can’t let it ruin my life because it is what it is, and right now, it’s out of my control. So right now I’m trying to practice what I preach and I’m trying to just take it day by day, hour by hour. Speaking of, I don’t wanna say that I’ve been feeling like drinking again lately. But it’s definitely been on my mind a lot more than normal.”

The dancer then revealed she’s felt “stuck” however has been going to a therapist and is ready to acknowledge her “triggers” and get herself out of probably dangerous conditions:

“I just noticed, though, when I was out with my friends the other night, that there’s like a time frame when I should not be out, and I think it’s, like, 10:30. I know that’s like a senior citizen time, but I noticed that after dinner, that people want to go out afterwards. I think I’m best just to drop people off as the designated driver and go on my merry way. Because I am triggered by people who have more than maybe a couple drinks around me, especially late at night.”

She additionally expressed her want to “hold herself accountable”:

“I’m really trying to call it out, because that is the name of the game and so that I don’t unfortunately or fortunately relapse. I don’t want to have to even have that discussion. I think it’s important to hold myself accountable and that’s what I’m doing by talking to you guys.”

Ending up the candid look into her feelings, the 38-year-old thanked her followers for “listening” and supporting her:

“Thank you for listening and this podcast has been very helpful with any crazy emotions that go through my body.”

Cheryl is so courageous for being so open about her emotions! We actually want one of the best for her and ship her our love!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]


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