DOJ Believes Trump Had ‘Nefarious’ Plans for Top Secret Documents


The obvious query everybody had upon listening to that Trump refused to present over High Secret-SCI paperwork is, “Why was he willing to risk having them? Why did he need these so badly? What did he intend to do with them?” And most of us, figuring out Trump, suspected all of it led again to cash as a result of every little thing about Donald Trump all the time leads again to cash. It’s a chilling thought as a result of the one approach to get cash from High Secret nuclear paperwork is to promote them to somebody keen to pay quite a lot of money, and people aren’t often American allies.

It seems DOJ has those self same considerations, not less than in accordance with the Washington Submit’s invaluable Phillip Rucker, who says the DOJ suspects Trump stored the recordsdata for “nefarious purposes.”

“Step back and try to think about this because there is a lot going on, and it’s all heating up right now. I think we’re right to be talking about this Mar-A-Lago raid a lot, and that’s because the FBI agents had to go out there and spell out examples of crimes they think Trump or his allies committed in Trump’s residence, and a judge agreed that there is possible cause. I mean, it’s right there. This is pretty serious.”

Sure, critical sufficient {that a} critical crime is close to full upon merely possessing them. However they go farther:

“Now the query that I’ve and authorized specialists have that I discuss to have mentioned is, did the FBI simply need the paperwork badly sufficient to go in there and get them after which they’re achieved or do they assume there was some sort of misuse, and yesterday’s listening to, I believed, in courtroom, studying a little bit little bit of the tea leaves underscored that the FBI and the Justice Division are involved that one thing nefarious was happening.

There is still an ongoing case. We’ll mess up our prosecution if we keep this going. That is the No. 1 case to follow, and after that there is another Justice Department investigation into Jan. 6 that has hundreds of defendants, and they’re looking into President Trump’s words and actions regarding the Electoral College votes, and we could talk more about that in a minute. But it is a big one.”

“Ongoing case.” The DOJ and FBI aren’t “done” by merely getting the recordsdata again and figuring out whether or not to cost Trump with unlawful possession. There may be “more to the case.” Rucker is correct. There may be nearly absolutely an investigation into what Trump deliberate to do with the recordsdata, and – it’s doable that Trump’s intentions pressured the raid to happen when it did.

One different consideration. Rucker might be the Washington Submit’s most elite reporter. It’s extra doubtless than not that he’ll hear issues on background, stuff that he can’t share concerning these nefarious functions. However he can level out that the listening to itself must be interpreted as a sign of a bigger, ongoing case that’s investigating these nefarious functions.

Rucker then went on to level to this case as a “big one,” implying that it’s as large because the January sixth case. This website is solidly on document, stating that it is vitally doable that this case could possibly be a extra critical crime than J6, which is saying fairly a bit.

However with respect to “nefarious activities,” let’s arrange a hypothetical. Let’s simply hypothetically say (as a result of we’ve got NO proof) that Saudi Arabia’s MBS needs a nuclear weapons program. And once more – hypothetically, let’s say that MBS promised to handle all of Trump’s cash issues (loans at Deutsche) if Trump may simply get him the specs on America’s nuclear weapons. Let’s say Trump agreed, offered the plans, turned copies over, and now Saudi Arabia is constructing nuclear weapons primarily based upon U.S. know-how, which can be underneath the management of a monster like MBS, altering world safety. That’s one excessive hypothetical as to “nefarious purposes,” however it’s not out of the query, and it might be extra excessive than January sixth as a result of it may endanger lives internationally.

Bringing it again to what we all know? The FBI continues to analyze “this case,” the case of the recordsdata, and that signifies that they imagine there’s extra doable prison habits than merely having the recordsdata, nefarious motivations, and plans as to what to do with the recordsdata.


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