Shocking Development In Missing Hiker Case After 8 Years!


A lacking individuals case simply went from chilly to sizzling… however is the brand new proof that was discovered two states away truly encouraging? And even scarier?

David Alford was final seen in Idaho again in 2014. He was headed out on a hike, says his large sister, Analee Reseigh — who was the final recognized individual to see him earlier than he vanished. She dropped him off on the Interstate close to Boise, as she recalled:

“He stayed with us off and on through the years, and he’d been staying in Boise, and he wanted to head south. So, I dropped him off near the interstate because he was planning to hitchhike down south to Arizona, and then I thought he was headed to Mexico after that. He had a sign that said Arizona on one side and Utah on one side.”

Then he simply… vanished. Reseigh defined:

“He’s a spiritual person, and so I think he had planned to cut off communication, but we were all very surprised when we didn’t hear from him a few months later, especially around the holidays.”

Weeks grew to become years, and nobody heard something from him — not till final month. On July 25 firefighters in Arizona have been coping with the so-called Dragon Fireplace on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon after they discovered a backpack. About 700 miles away from his sister’s residence in Boise.

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Joelle Baird, a spokesperson for the Grand Canyon Nationwide Park, defined:

“As work was being done to prepare containment lines around that fire, one of the fire crews preparing the road discovered a backpack in an area where visitors don’t really travel; it’s not a popular visitor area whatsoever.”

So it was a wierd spot to discover a bag — with nobody else round. Investigating it, they discovered in a short time who it belonged to. David Alford’s ID was nonetheless there, as his sis was subsequently knowledgeable:

“It had been gotten into by packrats; it had been a long time. Passport, social security card, and family phone numbers were there. I don’t think he left the backpack, honestly.”

It is sensible if he had a alternative he would have taken the bag with him. So what occurred? Is he nonetheless within the space? If that’s the case… that’s most likely unhealthy information. Like we stated, that is the center of nowhere. And if she’s proper and he didn’t willingly half with the bag? That’s even scarier.

Search and rescue crews started looking the world, however “weren’t able to go very far in distance” in accordance with Baird:

“They were able to cover perhaps 370 acres over the period of a couple days and very challenging terrain, very overgrown brush. It’s a remote area, it’s higher in elevation between 8,000 and 9,000 feet. This particular area is only accessible via a 4-wheel drive road. It’s known as the W1 road, which is more or less an access road which gets people into the inner basin. Not a lot of people go out there though.”

It’s unclear if there was foul play concerned. However Analee is satisfied somebody is aware of one thing. She stated of her brother:

“He got to the Grand Canyon, obviously, and he didn’t walk. So we would just like to if somebody out there gave him a ride; we’d love to talk to that person to hopefully get more information that’s really our goal right now.”

David was 5′ 8″, 140 lbs on the time of his disappearance. He has blue eyes and brown hair, which was shaved shut the final time his sister noticed him. He could be 44 years outdated now. See extra on the case (under):

When you’ve got any info on David Alford’s whereabouts, please name the Boise police at 208-570-6000.

[Image via National Missing and Unidentified Persons System/12 News/YouTube.]


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