Jim Acosta Relentlessly Grills Chad Wolf As He Refuses To Say Biden Won 2020 Election


CNN’s Jim Acosta didn’t let Chad Wolf parse his approach out of answering if he believed that Biden gained the 2020 election.


Acosta requested Wolf if he agreed that Biden gained the 2020 election honest and sq..

Wolf gave a non-answer.

Acosta requested once more, “Do you think there was election fraud?” 

Wolf mentioned, “I think there’s a number of election irregularities, illegalities, and fraud. That’s been widely reported on both the right and the left.”

Acosta pressed Wolf, “But enough to alter the outcome of the 2020 election? Are you an election denier?”

Wolf tried to alter the topic to election fraud, “I would say any type of fraud, any type of election fraud — this is important. Any type of — I don’t want to just bypass was it a little or a lot. Any fraud should be addressed. I don’t think we can say, hey, there’s a little fraud, so that’s okay. I think that’s very important.”

 Jim Acosta requested the direct query, “Who won the 2020 election?”

 Wolf gave the usual Trump world non-answer, “Obviously, Joe Biden is president. I just answered your question.”

 Acosta, “He is the president obviously.”

Jim Acosta known as out the parse, “I’ve seen folks from Trump world parse this out. Do you believe that he won that election fair and square?” Wolf went again to the fraud claims, “I imagine — I simply answered the query, first. Let me reply it in two components. One, Joe Biden is president. Two, a variety of irregularities, illegalities and fraud occurred throughout 2020. Once more, I don’t have all of that proof. I feel there’s been a variety of reporting — 

The CNN host responded, “You sound like a conspiracy theorist and an election denier.”

The entire change lasted for almost three minutes, which is an eternity in cable information phrases. Jim Acosta wouldn’t let Chad Wolf off of the hook. It can be crucial for journalists to not enable Trump election deniers to skate on such a basic query to democracy.

A part of sustaining a democracy is the acceptance of election outcomes as official.

Republicans like Chad Wolf who refuse to simply accept election outcomes are usually not solely appeasing Trump. They’re poisoning American democracy.


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