John Oliver Rips The Mask Off Of Sarah Palin Grifting House Run


On Final Week Tonight, John Oliver mentioned that Sarah Palin is a grifter who doesn’t belong in Congress.


After calling Palin a grifter, Oliver confirmed what she was actually as much as by enjoying considered one of her movies and saying, “That appears to be an advert for each her marketing campaign and her Cameo with the caption even studying, don’t neglect Father’s Day orders on your family members, which is a spectacular racket since she is basically saying don’t neglect to pay me to brainwash your dad.

Oliver revealed that Palin remodeled $200,000 from Cameo final 12 months by charging $199 per video.

John Oliver concluded the phase by saying, “Will Alaskans fall for Sarah Palin’s bullsh*t? Possibly. They’ve clearly performed so prior to now, however I actually hope that they don’t this time as a result of frankly, the one conceivable step down from Don Younger could be Sarah Palin, who, like a walrus’s penis, is a enjoyable Alaskan novelty, however one who has no enterprise being in Congress.

Sarah Palin has made it clear that she is operating for Congress to generate income. She didn’t marketing campaign a lot in Alaska and blew off candidate boards.

Alaskans have been burned by Palin, who stop on them as governor and tried to go Hollywood. Now that she wants a brand new con, she is attempting to run for the state’s solely US Home seat. Whether or not they elect a Republican or a Democrat to fill the seat, Alaskans deserve higher than the Wasilla con artist who desires to make a fast buck.


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