Oz Campaign Self-Destructs And Attacks Pennsylvanians Who Had Strokes


The self-destruction of Mehmet Oz’s Senate marketing campaign in Pennsylvania accelerated as his employees stated that John Fetterman had a stroke as a result of he didn’t eat greens.

Business Insider reported:

Final Monday John Fetterman, Oz’s Democratic opponent, resurfaced a video Oz recorded in what he referred to as a “Wegners” — a mishmash of the Redner’s and Wegmans grocery retailer chains — looking for “crudité” and complaining about inflation. Fetterman’s remark: “in PA, we call this a veggie tray.”

In an unique assertion as a part of Insider’s investigation into Oz, the physician’s marketing campaign jabbed again. “If John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life, then maybe he wouldn’t have had a major stroke and wouldn’t be in the position of having to lie about it constantly,” Rachel Tripp, Oz’s senior communications advisor, said.

The Oz marketing campaign is blaming a stroke sufferer for his stroke and extra broadly blaming all stroke victims in Pennsylvania for his or her strokes, because the marketing campaign is implying that if Pennsylvanians weren’t so fats, they wouldn’t have strokes.

That is NOT a profitable technique in any state.

The Oz marketing campaign has the subtlety of dentistry with out anesthetic. A extra tactful marketing campaign would have issues about Fetterman’s well being and requested if may do the job. It might not have labored, however it could have been extra tasteful.

On the coronary heart of the Oz marketing campaign’s contempt for Pennsylvania stroke victims is the truth that they’re shedding badly to John Fetterman. Oz has been popping up in the rural red parts of the state, not in vegetable gardens however in diners and eating places.

Oz said during a recent stop at a restaurant in Indiana, PA, “When you mix politics with medicine, you get politics.”

Mehmet Oz ought to ship that message to his personal marketing campaign.


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