Rachel Maddow Shows Why Trump May Be Doomed On Classified Docs


Rachel Maddow defined that when Trump dealt with the paperwork himself, he misplaced deniability and the flexibility in charge another person.

Video of Maddow:

Maddow stated:

Additionally this. “Trump went through the boxes himself late last year, in late 2021, according to multiple people briefed on his efforts, before he turned the boxes over.” He went by means of the containers himself, i.e.,Trump did it personally, which suggests no passing the buck and saying it was any person else who did it and also you had no thought, and that’s the type of crime you allow to the little individuals. I imply if it was him in there together with his massive outdated arms, his massive arms — little arms — his arms within the containers himself.

Trump going by means of the containers himself implies that he knew what was within the containers and was attempting to maintain data from being given again to the USA authorities.

Donald Trump can’t blame another person. The labeled supplies didn’t find yourself at his non-public membership by means of a rushed packing mistake. The previous president knew what he was doing when he took them.

Trump went through the boxes and dealt with labeled data with no safety clearance.

The feds know that Trump went by means of the containers. The federal government is aware of that Trump lied to them and refused at hand over labeled data, and now Trump has no deniability as a result of he dealt with the paperwork.


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