All You Need to Know About the New Disease Affecting Children


Researchers imagine that it’s a completely different scientific presentation of hand-foot-and-mouth illness (HFMD) attributable to a gaggle of enteroviruses (viruses transmitted via the gut).

Tomato flu or tomato fever is characterised by fever, joint ache, and crimson, tomato-like rashes often seen in kids under the age of 5 years. That is accompanied by different signs of viral fevers resembling diarrhea, dehydration, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue.

This was considered an aftereffect of dengue and chikungunya that’s generally seen in Kerala. Nevertheless, researchers now imagine that it’s HFMD attributable to enteroviruses like Coxsackievirus A-6 and A-16.


Tomato flu could possibly be an after-effect of chikungunya or dengue fever in kids fairly than a viral an infection. It is also a brand new variant of the viral hand, foot, and mouth illness, a typical infectious illness focusing on principally kids aged 1-5 years and immunocompromised adults.

Why is Tomato Flu An infection Spreading Now?

Maybe there’s extra consideration on the an infection as a result of extra circumstances are being reported this 12 months — this might both be as a result of there are extra circumstances or as a result of we’re extra vigilant about viral infections and testing after COVID-19.

For the reason that illness is self-limiting, medical doctors don’t often take a look at for it. Whereas such surveillance is a vital device to maintain a watch out for viruses in circulation in the neighborhood, it isn’t wanted for people. One other clarification for the an infection choosing up now could be the re-opening of colleges.

How Is the Medical Presentation Completely different?

The present circumstances are primarily attributable to Coxsackievirus A-6 and A-16. One other pathogen — Enterovirus71 that additionally causes the illness just isn’t very prevalent now. That is good as a result of the pathogen was recognized to result in extreme neurologic signs, together with deadly encephalitis (mind irritation).

The illness this time round has some atypical presentation as effectively. The crimson “tomato” rashes had been historically restricted to the mouth (tongue, gums, and inside the cheek), palms, and soles. Nevertheless, now medical doctors are additionally reporting rashes on the buttocks, and a shedding of nails[2].

Is There a Therapy For Tomato Flu?

There isn’t any particular therapy or vaccine obtainable for the illness. These with the an infection are handled symptomatically. Because it occurs primarily in kids, the Centre’s advisory to states focuses on prevention in these age teams.

As per the advisory, anybody suspected to have the an infection ought to stay in isolation for 5 to seven days after the onset of the signs.

It states that kids have to be educated concerning the an infection and requested to not hug or contact different kids with fever or rashes. The kids ought to be inspired to keep up hygiene, cease thumb or finger sucking, and use a handkerchief for a working nostril.

Their utensils, clothes, and bedding have to be recurrently sanitized, they have to be saved hydrated, and the blisters have to be cleaned utilizing heat water.


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