Metabolism Key to Future Kidney Diseases Treatment


“We discovered that there is an accelerated transformation of the amino acid lysine in humans and animals with kidney disease. And the study shows that the intake of lysine protects the kidneys and prevents hypertensive kidney disease rather effectively, at least in animal models” explains Markus Rinschen.

It’s estimated that as much as 10% of the grownup inhabitants suffers from power kidney illness, though typically delicate and with out signs. Probably the most frequent causes of kidney illness and kidney failure are diabetes or hypertension, and the consequence is a a lot larger threat of coronary heart assault or stroke.

Nonetheless, Markus Rinschen assesses that he won’t be able to start out treating sufferers within the clinic for no less than 5 years, and he stresses that it’s too quickly for folks with kidney ailments to expire and purchase lysine tablets.


“We don’t know the side effects or the underlying mechanisms yet, and human metabolism is much more complex than a rat’s metabolism,” he says.

“We need to conduct more research into animal models, because we have not yet clarified the dominant mechanism behind the result. We found three different mechanisms, but we don’t know whether one, two, or a combination of all three, is the decisive factor.”

In the long run, the consequence might be notably attention-grabbing to well being researchers, medical doctors, nephrologists, physiologists, endocrinologists and nutritionists.

“It would be great if kidney patients could achieve results by changing their diet,” says Markus Rinschen.

“We want to understand kidney metabolism, and this is a big step. Giving patients a substance they already have in their body and creating clinical results would be a new and surprising discovery,” says the researcher, who hopes that the examine can result in a extra common understanding of useful metabolites.

“The study shows how dynamic and unexplored our metabolism still is, and that we need holistic approaches to understand it. Diet, metabolism, heart and cardiovascular system – many things contribute to the development of kidney disease.”

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