Novel Fuel Cell Technology can Significantly Reduce Costs


Gas-cell automobiles are the way in which to go as a result of they finest protect some great benefits of gasoline vehicles: low upfront price, lengthy driving vary and quick refueling, urged current analysis by scientists from the College of Delaware. The research was printed in Nature Nanotechnology.

The research additionally highlights {that a} new fuel-cell know-how could also be crucial. For Yan, the lead researcher that strategy is a brand new twist on conventional gas cells, often known as proton change membrane gas cells or PEMFCs, which depend on expensive platinum-based catalysts. The group is pursuing another know-how, the hydroxide change membrane gas cell (HEMFC), due to its inherent price benefits. They cited the rationale for this proposed change as a matter of quite simple arithmetic.

‘New fuel-cell cars offer low initial costs, a long driving range, and quick recharge capabilities.’

“To make fuel-cell cars a reality, the DOE (Department of Energy) has set a system cost target of $30 per kilowatt, which translates into about $2,400 per car,” Yan mentioned. Including, “Right now, the cost for PEMFCs is $52 per kilowatt, which is a big improvement over where the technology started. But the catalyst accounts for only about $12 of that total, leaving $40 worth of other components. So even if we throw in some magic, we can’t get the rest of the way down to the target of $30 with PEMFCs.”

First, to turn out to be a industrial actuality, fuel-cell engines should be at price parity with their gasoline counterparts and shifting from an acid platform with the PEMFC to a base system with the HEMFC will allow a collateral profit in bringing down the entire related prices. “Then, if we agree that this is the best approach, we need to get everyone in the HEMFC research community on board. If we want to succeed, we have to work together,” Yan mentioned. Lastly, he mentioned that it’s inadequate simply to have a decrease price. “It doesn’t work to compare our results today with those from yesterday or the day before. To succeed commercially with HEMFCs, we have to match or beat the performance of PEMFCs. It’s that simple- we can’t succeed without achieving performance parity,” he mentioned.

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