Fox News Is Tying Itself Into Knots Trying To Spin Trump’s Potential Indictment


In response to Fox Information, indicting Trump hurts him as a result of the indictment will stick, but additionally Trump can be helped by the indictment as a result of MAGA will rally round him.


That is how Fox is dealing with the information, “Whether it ends up coming to fruition or not, it sticks, but what this is also going to do, it’s going to fire up the MAGA crowd. Maybe those people who were possibly leaning toward a Ron DeSantis, they go here we go again, another witchhunt against our guy. I’m standing firm with Donald Trump, and I also think that this is a motivation of the left. I think that they would rather have Trump supporters galvanized behind Trump because I think they know that Trump would be easier to beat than Ron DeSantis.”

To summarize, indicting Trump helps him and hurts him, however that is all a plot by the left to get extra assist for Trump from Republicans as a result of he can be simpler to beat than Ron DeSantis.

Fox is attempting to spin this in charge the left as a result of they’ll’t resolve whether or not being criminally indicted helps or hurts Trump.

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What that is actually about is that Fox and Republicans are on the lookout for a method to make use of the potential indictment to unify their occasion with out having to unify round Trump.

It’s a dangerous signal for the GOP that Fox can’t provide you with a transparent message about Trump doubtlessly being indicted.

Trump is an anchor and your entire proper is getting set to go down with the sinking ship.


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